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Since its inception, JD Printers has put innovation and technology  at the forefront of its manufacturing processes, 

letting creativity be the driving force.

This has made it possible for us to deliver high-quality printing and reliable services to our clients. 

Our Services

Flexographic Printing


Suitable for printing on a wide range of materials, this method is known for its high-speed production, cost-effectiveness, and ability to print large quantities of materials with high-quality images and text.

With our advanced UV flexographic technology, our experienced team delivers premium label solutions and services to enhance your brand’s image and value.

Custom Solutions

Our bespoke design and packaging solutions are a result of taking a comprehensive look at your brand and your products.

We provide customized die-cutting for creating tailored designs for labels in any size or shape as per your requirements. We also offer added features such as security components, laminations, weather resistance, special effects and RFID technologies.

Inventory Management

Our Inventory Management allows you to have the labels you need on hand without worrying about when, where, and how? We ensure you always have the labels you need at the right time and place.

QC Lab

Our in-house label lab is equipped with advanced technology and an experienced team, to deliver tailored solutions for custom-engineered labels in demanding environments and applications. Our staff conducts adhesive and coating tests, prototypes, product analysis, and PPAP processes to ensure our label solutions meet your performance needs.

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